Running sites on localhost are painfully slow

It was taking forever for the API to load on localhost. What could be wrong? My brain would start finding reasons.

A quick Google search leads to this SO page. Multiple options. Not sure which one is going to work for me - tried using instead of localhost. No effect for me. This answer has patterns related to my problem.

Compiled my code. Hit refresh in browser to reload my API. I notice this guy at the top, kicking my CPU.

Tried to disable Windows Defender services but no luck.

So, started finding an alternative and came across this article.

Windows will go little nuts as soon as you will slide this button to Off. Please remember to slide it back to On, when you do not need to work with localhost.

It's a clap time - API refresh duration down to few seconds from 10+ mins.

I deeply care about developer productivity as there is nothing more precious than time.

Happy Coding.

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