Fitness is a big part of my life. And, it should be yours too. I'm sharing as much content as I could, via this page.

1. Stretching is a very important part of pre and after workout. It helps in avoiding muscular injuries. More links - one, two, three

2. Butt workout

3. Lunch time workout

4. 10 mins for abs toning

5. Shoulder workout

6. Pre and post workout nutrition

7. Looking for fat loss? Try intermittent fasting

8. Natural supplements

9. Getting a beach body

10. Workout to improve breathing and flexibility

11. Shoulder workout

12. Planks keep your core strong. Better than crunches in every way.

13. Building muscle. Contains very good info if you are starting out

14. Make sure to bring variety in your workout. TRX can be done anywhere.

15. Throw a jab. You will like it.

16. 5 mins anywhere workout. Can't beat that.

17. In-house warm-up exercises in case you do not have a treadmill or rowing machine.